#BEOPENDesignDetails saw several hundred visual entries via Instagram in the four weeks up to May 10, 2017.


The project called on creative individuals all over the world to try to address the ability to change the way we see the everyday world around us. Using the hashtag #BEOPENDesignDetails the challenge aimed to explore the way a creative approach is able to transform the ordinary into the unique and the small into great. The challenge presented the perfect opportunity for creative minds that can find inspiration, and see the unexpected, in the most customary things around us.

The prize went to Aakriti Kumar from @differniture, a product designer from India, with her entry "the Intrepid Bench” made from a tree felled by a storm.


As Aakriti describes herself, she finds inspiration in creating sustainable solutions to problems, and wants to integrate responsible, environmentally-friendly thinking with the design process.