BE OPEN is a global initiative that strives to promote people and ideas able to build solutions for tomorrow. We foster creativity and innovation, and see our mission in harnessing creative brain power through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master classes, and cultural events.


It is BE OPEN’s strong belief that creativity as the positive ability to reinterpret and transform reality, is not confined within the art and design industry - it is an innate trait of every human being. That is why we launch our open calls on a regular basis to reach out to those creative minds around the globe who keep their eyes open, see inspiration in their everyday life, and are capable of transforming  it for the better with their own unique vision.

By asking the participants to share their creative endeavours via social media, BE OPEN invites people around the globe to communicate their positive views and build new creative bonds.


To take part in our open call you only need to share a visual relevant to the topic of the open call via Instagram with the dedicated #BEOPENhashtag. After the entries close, the BE OPEN Community members will select the winning work from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by Instagram users. The winner will then receive a monetary prize.


Please, mind that this is not, in fact, a competition: BE OPEN reserves the right to determine the timing and method for awarding the prize. By participating in the open calls held by BE OPEN, all participants and winners agree that their Instagram user names and profile pictures may be used for BE OPEN’s publicity.


The winner has three months to confirm acceptance of the prize and to provide bank details for the prize transfer. If the winner fails to do so, BE OPEN gets relieved of the responsibility to transfer the prize.


We invite everyone to join in, and let your creativity be rewarded!